Talking freely again


"What?", I hear you say. "You gotta lotta nerves to make us pay AND ask for additional donations."
Well, let me explain.

This is why there is a blasted paywall

Had I received sufficient support from COPE users, the subscription solution that you and your colleagues may now grumble about would not have been necessary and would not have been implemented.

This is what I can do

I'd be willing to make do with the subscription thumbscrew so that everyone can return to "talking freely" in an open-access environment.

This is what I need and why

I'd be happier with an open-access solution, but for this I would need to raise 12,000 USD/year to cover operating costs for COPE. I pointed out on numerous occasions that I operate from a developing world country on a small income and really can't continue to COPE without outside help (having to pay, among other things, "first world: rates for a lot of services).

This is what YOU can do

To get COPE back for free would require a collective effort of all COPE users or one or two philanthropists out there, or even a company committed to communication biology. Activate yourself, please, activate colleagues, activate your company contacts, or find me that determined philanthropist.

Something great could happen for the good of all

We - that means me and you - can do it. I still refuse to believe that solidarity has no place anymore in the modern world - but maybe I am just unworldly and naive?

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