Oh well


Greetings to all COPE Users from the author of COPE. I AM OK! Apart from the nightly nightmares:

The day began with the fight against chronic infection - Overwhelmia irritans major. We all know that bug, don't we? It's endemic in data banks. Before that, there was a 2 hour brown-out and when electricity came back the net was as fast as always (for the uninitiated: in a developing country this often means per pedes if you work in broad daylight and a bit faster at ungodly hours).

Bfr tht th cmptr kys dd nt wrk prprly fr n hr nd nknwn rsns. Before that, I overwrote the most recent COPE files and found that the back-ups had, well, flu.

Before that, quite a few companies made heavy use of COPE contents and did NOT place a banner ad in appreciation. After all, my own stupidity if I do the homework for them. Before that, someone hacked my donation account and stole the little money I had there.

Before that, the paywall broke down and the bricks hit me hard on the head and in a place where women can't be hit. To reach the hospital, I had to shovel myself out of the house through piles of empty word shells generously provided by industrious scientific societies and benevolent science politicians as a token of their concern for science, education, and free access to quality information. They really do value COPE and support it - verbally.

Before that ... ...Oh well, I suppose you get the idea. All I need now for a full measure is a neat denial of service attack on COPE.

Thank God I have my subscribers! With them I can even face nightmares such as being a ligand in a receptor knock-out (or a receptor in a ligand knock-out, coming to think of it; making me wonder which is worse).

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