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(Cytokines & Cells Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia)
Version 57.9 (Autumn 2023 Edition)
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Alas! COPE needs more long-term subscribers to support biomedical specialists, physicians, and their students by releasing the updated COPE version 61.0

For what it is worth: COPE is pleased about feedback from a physician emphasising that insights gained by COPEing made a huge difference in the lives of many seriously ill patients. COPE does indeed contain much information that isn't found yet in medical textbooks and is not common medical knowledge.
COPE might also have a game-changing Aha moment for you! Subscribe to find out and also activate others! Please keep this private bioinformatics initiative afloat for the good of all.

This is what you will lose if lack of support will shut down COPE!
  COPE contents empower those agonised over the intricacies of intercellular communication with manually curated (!) in-depth/in-context scientific information.
  COPE is still the only comprehensive single-launch-point resource focussed on the dense body-wide intercellular information network that governs health and disease.
  COPE also organises knowledge in topic-specific subdictionaries, covering: Angiogenesis | Antimicrobial peptides | Apoptosis | CD Antigens | Cell lines | Chemokines | Cryptides | Eukaryotic cell types | Chemokines | CytokineTopics | Cytokine Concentrations in Body Fluids | Cytokines Interspecies Reactivities | Dual identity proteins | Hematology | Hormones | Innate Immunity Defense Proteins | Neuropeptides | Metalloproteinases | Modulins | Pattern Recognition Receptors | Protein domains | Regulatory peptide factors | Virokines | Viroceptors | Virulence Factors
  COPE highlights how even basic insights into cellular infoscape functions help to fight the "Devils in the Details" of disease and facilitate a transition from symptomatic to causative treatments and precision medicine!
  COPE is a vademecum/textbook of communication biology in lexicon format with standards that only expert manual curation of scientific information can provide.
  COPE guides users with different educational levels through complex knowledge, but make no mistake: COPE isn't for the faint-hearted expecting AI-generated 2-liner simplifications.
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The pdf files introduce COPE (scope and contents) and show you what to expect.
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